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Loan Modification

Loan Modification in Texas: Your Options

If you are looking for a Texas loan modification for your Texas property, you will need to speak to your lender about the various programs that they are offering. Typical loan modifications are where the lender modifies your existing mortgage to lower your payment by lowering your interest rate at least 2% and extending your… Read More »

Loan Modification

Loan Modifications – Government Incentives

The US Government has established a program to assist with modifying loans for properties under foreclosure distress. The Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP provides incentives to loan servicers and financiers willing to modify loans for real estate with loans at the risk of foreclosure. HAMP was set up to have 500,000 high risk loans under… Read More »

Loan Modification

Loan Modifications at Steady Pace

Since the beginning of the US Federal program to improve home loans into more affordable products for borrowers, about 12 percent of eligible borrowers have taken up the opportunity. Since March over 360,000 borrowers had received three month trial loan modifications through to August.  If borrowers keep up their payments during the trial period then… Read More »

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