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Bank Foreclosure

US Foreclosed Homes at Cheap Prices

By now it is pretty well known that foreclosure auctions are fast becoming the best place to look for bargains when it comes to getting hold of “distressed” properties at prices that cannot be beaten! This is a “secret” that’s not really that much of a secret anymore. There are more and more people that… Read More »

Bank Foreclosure

The Foreclosure Experience

Families across the nation are victims of the foreclosure process due to the declining real estate market and the economic crisis. There have been so many job losses that result in nonpayment of so many bills. Paying a mortgage has become very difficult for many American families. The foreclosure process is an ugly experience and… Read More »

Bank Foreclosure

US Home Foreclosures Continue To Rise

Despite ongoing Federal and State Government measures, home foreclosures continue to rise. US home loans fell at a record pace in July as 1 in every 355 households with a loan received a foreclosure filing (more than 360,000), as stated by RealtyTrac. As unemployment continues to rise, foreclosure filings climb. Foreclosure activity shot up 7… Read More »

Bank Foreclosure

Introduction to Foreclosure Properties

Foreclosed properties, or foreclosed homes, are typically homes in which the owners failed to comply with a lender’s agreement. In other words, the property owners failed to pay their mortgage repayments (that is, they defaulted). Often the home is of good quality but the previous owner in most cases simply could not keep up with… Read More »

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