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Foreclosure Help

U.S. First Home Buyers Grants and Programs

There are various state and federal grant funds available to U.S. first time home buyers through the United State Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and various state agencies. Federal grants are normally given to states or organizations, which in turn give them to eligible home buyers to use towards repairs, energy savings improvements… Read More »

Foreclosure Help

Free Foreclosure Help: Options for Homeowners

The government has been putting pressure on lenders to stop foreclosure auctions and prevent more homes from going to foreclosure with its HAMP and HAFA programs.  Borrowers who qualify can either refinance, obtain a mortgage modification, be approved for a short sale quickly or obtain forbearance.  These programs are designed to help homeowners who are… Read More »

Foreclosure Help

Foreclosure Prevention Programs and Options

Millions of homeowners have lost their homes to foreclosure. According to Realty Trac, 2.8 million households faced foreclosure in 2009, and the numbers are expected to rise to approximately 3 to 3.5 million homes for 2010.  High unemployment rates are contributing to many homeowners defaulting on their mortgages. More than 315,000 households received a foreclosure… Read More »

Foreclosure Help

Foreclosures Impact on Tenants

Statistics do not reveal the true figure of how many tenants are displaced due to the foreclosure process. Some landlords are not forthcoming and do not end up telling the tenant that they are going through foreclosure. Instead, most of them keep it a secret from their tenants and do still collect the rent. However,… Read More »

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