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September 1, 2009

Introduction to Foreclosure Properties

Filed under: Bank Foreclosure - 01 Sep 2009

Foreclosed properties, or foreclosed homes, are typically homes in which the owners failed to comply with a lender’s agreement. In other words, the property owners failed to pay their mortgage repayments (that is, they defaulted). Often the home is …

May 18, 2008

Government Foreclosure Auctions in Arlington, TX

Filed under: Texas Foreclosures - 18 May 2008

Foreclosure auction in Arlington features hot properties at exotic locations. Foreclosure listings of Arlington gives detailed information about foreclosures in and around Arlington that can be purchased cheaply. These lists are available …

May 14, 2008

Foreclosure homes and listings in Kansas City, MO

Filed under: Missouri Foreclosures - 14 May 2008

Kansas City foreclosure auction is famous and a discerning buyer can make some best deals in the auction. You can choose from a wide range of properties like …

May 13, 2008

Foreclosure listings in Long Beach

Filed under: California Foreclosures - 13 May 2008

Foreclosure auction in Long Beach features excellent properties that cannot be seen otherwise. You can find some rare and unique properties by participating in the foreclosure auction in Long Beach. Foreclosure listing …

May 9, 2008

Foreclosure Real Estate Auctions in Portland,OR

Filed under: Oregon Foreclosures - 09 May 2008

Foreclosure auction in Portland attracts huge crowds of people who are interested to make a great investment. The foreclosure listing gives a lot of information on Properties available in Portland and the surrounding areas. You can …

May 7, 2008

Seized Property Auctions in Seattle, WA

Filed under: Washington Foreclosures - 07 May 2008

Seattle foreclosure auction features hot properties in exotic locations. These range from single and multi family homes, condos and high rise apartments. The properties get foreclosed due to default by owners on …

May 5, 2008

Jacksonville Foreclosure listings of auctions

Filed under: Florida Foreclosures - 05 May 2008

Jacksonville foreclosure auctions enable everyone; buyers, sellers and investors to make great deals. The foreclosure auctions in Jacksonville showcases many types of properties like condos, duplexes, single and multi family homes and …

May 3, 2008

Government & Bank foreclosures in San Jose, CA

Filed under: California Foreclosures - 03 May 2008

San Jose foreclosure auctions are getting popular day by day attracting huge masses of people who want to make a great investment. Foreclosure properties are preferred by these people because of its …