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Month: November 2009

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Foreclosure Help

Foreclosures Impact on Tenants

Statistics do not reveal the true figure of how many tenants are displaced due to the foreclosure process. Some landlords are not forthcoming and do not end up telling the tenant that they are going through foreclosure. Instead, most of them keep it a secret from their tenants and do still collect the rent. However,… Read More »

Nevada Foreclosures

Foreclosure trends in Las Vegas

People all over the United States are walking away from their homes because of foreclosure. They have exhausted all their resources and simply cannot make the monthly mortgage payments. The social mismanagement of the housing market by the banks and politicians in high places has made Foreclosure trends in Las Vegas are very similar to… Read More »

Arizona Foreclosures

Bank foreclosures in Arizona

There is an enormous database of bank foreclosures in Arizona as some real estate investors are realizing and taking advantage of. If you are in the market to buying property for any reason; whether to live or rent it out, then you will do good in the foreclosure market located in Arizona. You will be… Read More »

Loan Modification

Loan Modifications – Government Incentives

The US Government has established a program to assist with modifying loans for properties under foreclosure distress. The Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP provides incentives to loan servicers and financiers willing to modify loans for real estate with loans at the risk of foreclosure. HAMP was set up to have 500,000 high risk loans under… Read More »

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