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Alexandria is an independent city located barely 10 km from Washington D.C. in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The city lies on the western shore of the river Potomac. The economy of today”s Alexandria has been molded in great measure by its proximity to the nation”s capital. Most of the city”s populace is employed with the government civil services, the armed forces, or the umpteen private sector companies that cater to the federal administration. Alexandria is the site of several nonprofit and charitable organizations, including the headquarters of the Salvation Army. Alexandria in 2005 became among the pioneering cities of its size to offer free wireless internet services to a large fraction of its residents. The ancient, traditional buildings, excellent restaurants, charming boutiques and antique theaters have turned Alexandria into a favorite destination for tourism and nightlife. Alexandria has the highest per capita income among the various independent cities in Virginia. A recent survey found over 40 percent of its residents to be in the highest income bracket, with their condos and homes valued at $556,000 or more.

There are several neighborhoods that carry the address of Alexandria but that are beyond the city limits and actually parts of Fairfax County. A few of these are Hayfield, Franconia, Wilton Woods, Groveton, Virginia Hills, Huntington, Burgundy Village, Mount Vernon and Belle Haven. A few other independent cities that Alexandria counts as its suburbs in Virginia are Winchester, Bedford, Suffolk, Buena Vista, Salem, Chesapeake, Richmond,  Covington, Poquoson, Emporia, Norton, Franklin, Martinsville, Galax, Manassas, Harrisonburg, Newport News, Lynchburg and Lexington. Besides, the suburban towns of Alexandria include Vienna, Alberta, Wise, Amherst, Saltville, Bluefield, Orange, Chilhowie, Honaker, Berryville, Grundy, Cedar Bluff, Pulaski, Clintwood, Buchanan, Herndon, Appalachia, Lebanon, Ashland and Tazewell.

Agents Facilitate Lucrative Property Investments

Alexandria real estate listings auctions have naturally led to a growth in the number of property brokers in the city. Donald West, William Barnes, James N. Hayman, Brian Dwyer  are a few of the leading real estate agents, out of the hundreds who are active in Alexandria. You ought to hire an expert professional agent as the first step in your search for an ideal home. Your agent ought to be familiar with the local territory as well as aware of the various macroeconomic developments that have a bearing on the housing sector. At the best of times, real estate investments mandate prudence, and the present is a particularly volatile and unpredictable period, with the US and global economies manifesting recessionary traits. An astute agent can protect your financial interests and maximize your gains from the Alexandria property auctions.

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