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The Alexandria foreclosure auctions presently include a huge number of 1,048 foreclosed homes and houses for sale in the coming three weeks. These properties bear the median listed price of $309,062. There are also 1,603 other MLS and FSBO houses included among the real estate listings auctions in Alexandria, carrying the median asking price of $395,000. The market snapshot indicates that the home prices in the city are generally tilted on the higher side, as compared with the sliding property prices in most of the nation. Indeed, as per a recent study of the real estate market in Alexandria, over 40 percent of the condominiums and houses are in the highest price bracket, valued at $555,000 or above. However, the foreclosure auctions involve homes at attractive discounts of about 25 percent over the customary market rates. There is understandably a huge rush of buyers at the ongoing foreclosure auctions in Alexandria.

Relocation to Capital’s Affluent Suburb

Alexandria is an independent city located in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The city is popularly called the “Mother of Presidents” because of its being the native place of as many as eight former US presidents. The economy of the present-day Alexandria has been influenced in great part by its proximity to the US capital. The city’s residents are mostly professionals employed in the US defense forces, the federal civil services, and in companies that cater to various government departments. Alexandria plays host to several charitable and nonprofit groups, including the headquarters of the Salvation Army. Alexandria has a rich nightlife and ids developing into a tourist hotspot of sorts.

The sundry cities and towns in the vicinity of Alexandria include Franklin, Winchester, Suffolk, Bedford, Radford, Hopewell, Covington, Bristol, Emporia, Harrisonburg, Galax, Buena Vista, Martinsville, Staunton, Hampton and Charlottesville. In addition, the suburban settlements of Alexandria also include Chesapeake, Roanoke, Fredericksburg, Virginia Beach, Colonial Heights, Fairfax, Poquoson and Petersburg.

You can get the latest update on the forthcoming foreclosure auctions in Alexandria by a regular reading of the local newspaper. The auctioneer is legally mandated to advertise the foreclosure auction at least thrice in the newspapers. Indeed, if you are smart, you could follow up on the notice of default issued by a lender to a defaulting homeowner and try to clinch a profitable preforeclosure deal for yourself.

Alexandria teems with real estate agents of varying experience, abilities and influence. Leesa Offutt, Donald West, Brian Dwyer and William Barnes have established themselves in the city as its leading property brokers. You ought to firstly confirm the certification that the agent has received from the real estate department of Virginia. A good agent would be one who is keenly acquainted with the local territory as well as the larger economic developments occurring in the economy. A helpful broker would be knowledgeable, experienced, competent, accessible and responsive to your queries and requests. You can rest assured about the security of your financial interests and the profitability of your investment, were you to hire an expert agent at the outset.

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