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The Athens real estate market currently offers a rather limited choice of a mere 58 foreclosure listings and properties figuring among its imminent foreclosure auctions. These come at a median quoted price of just $112,000. Additionally, the Athens real estate listings auctions feature 1,755 other MLS and FSBO properties on sale in the forthcoming days. These command a substantially higher median asking price of $157,900. The Athens properties market snapshot reveals that the home prices in Athens are generally less than those prevailing in most parts of the US, and that the seized homes are going at about one-third discount over the market prices. This highlights the prime reason for the popularity of the foreclosure auctions, which are emerging as the first resort for intending homebuyers in their home searches.

Athens-Clarke County is a unified city-county in the US state of Georgia. The city owes its early growth to the University of Georgia located in its precincts, around which hub the local economy had sprouted up. Athens-Clarke County is the core city of the Athens-Clarke County MSA {metropolitan statistical area}.

The Athens-Clarke County MSA has been described by the US Census Bureau as a region comprising the following four counties: Madison, Oglethorpe, Clarke and Oconee. The sundry suburbs of Athens include the following towns: Bogart, Winterville, Comer and Watkinsville. Other suburban communities of Athens include Crawford, Bishop, North High Shoals, Ila, Arnoldsville, Lexington, Bishop, Hull, Carlton, Danielsville and Colbert.

Important Variables in Selecting Homes

The Athens foreclosure auctions currently offer aspiring homebuyers relatively limited property choices. However, their tempting median price of just $112,000 renders them irresistible as investment options. At such a low price, it makes sound business sense to acquire the homes, even if the intention is to flip them at a later date for profits. While selecting homes, price is naturally the first consideration. The next important variable is the location of a house. You ought to ascertain the existence of markets, schools, hospitals, outdoor parks, a gym and the like in the immediate neighborhood of your residence option under consideration. Finally, you ought to visit the site personally, preferably with a professional home appraiser, and inspect it minutely for any repairs or modifications that you might be entailed later. These three factors of pricing, locational facilities and the physical state of the property ought to guide you in selecting homes to bid for at the Athens foreclosure auctions.

The Athens-Clark County has scores of property brokers active in its real estate market. The brokers act as catalysts in the property transactions getting worked out. Agents are a highly sought-after species at the property auctions. Buyers want to learn about the best house choices from them, as well as value expert guidance from them regarding the available mortgage options. Sellers woo the agents to rope in moneyed buyers at the largest profit margins possible. The agent is rewarded with a seven percent commission of the sale proceeds by the seller. Rick Stanziale, Eric Orbock, Larry Toole, Charles Upchurch and Buster Vandiver have distinguished themselves as the prominent real estate agents in Athens.

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