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Cedar Rapids presently has 336 foreclosure listings and properties on sale at its real estate listings auctions. These homes have the median listed price of a mere $89,000. In glaring contrast, the other 683 homes offered at the Cedar Rapids property auctions have a nearly-double median asking price of $135,000. This amply proves that the foreclosed homes are sold at a substantial discount over the usual market prices of homes. It is this lure of grabbing splendid properties at half their customary prices that is causing prospective homebuyers to flock to the Cedar Rapids foreclosure auctions in large numbers. Christopher Smith, Mary Doyle, Mark Todd and Bonnie J. Tiernan rank among the leading real estate agents in Cedar Rapids. Hiring the professional services of a seasoned property broker could be your best initial move at the Cedar Rapids real estate listings auctions.

Picturesque Cultural & Economic Hub

Cedar Rapids is the county seat of Linn County and the second biggest city in the US state of Iowa. The river Cedar divides the city into two almost equal halves. Cedar Rapids is situated adjacent to Iowa City and lies 100 miles to the east of Des Moines, the capital and the largest city of the state of Iowa. The County Courthouse and City Hall are situated on Mays Island, and Cedar Rapids must count among the rare cities across the world that have their governmental offices located on an island. Cedar Rapids enjoys the sobriquet of the City of Five Seasons, denoting the four traditional seasons along with a hypothetical ‘fifth season’ to enjoy all the other four.

Cedar Rapids is a thriving cultural and economic hub. It is home to Iowa Cultural Corridor Alliance, Cedar Rapids Museum of Art and Paramount Theatre. The city is the nodal city of the Interstate 380 Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Technology Corridor of the Washington, Jones, Linn, Benton and Johnson counties. The several suburban cities and towns of Cedar Rapids include Marion, Alburnett, Mount Vernon, Bertram, Palo, Center Point, Lisbon, Central City, Prairieburg, Coggon, Walker, Ely, Springville, Fairfax, Robins, Hiawatha, Whittier, Troy Mills, Waubeek and Viola.

Careful Financial Planning Reaps Windfalls

If you are contemplating investing at the Cedar Rapids real estate listings auctions, you ought to do your homework well first.  This involves a meticulous financial planning covering every aspect of your sought move. Your pecuniary stocktaking should involve an objective assessment of your current income, an evaluation of the quantum of disposable funds that you possess, and a consideration of the loan premium that you can conveniently repay down the years. You should adopt a futuristic view of your likely earnings in the near future, and factor in the expected inflationary effects as well. This should lead you to the price range of the home that you could optimally buy. Such monetary clarity will aid you in selecting the mortgage scheme most in tune with your individual requirements too.  This exercise would be merely applying the ancient dictum of “Know thyself first” to your profit at the Cedar Rapids property auctions maze.

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