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Finding Foreclosure Auctions in New York City

Foreclosure auctions in New York City are always busy with innumerable foreclosure properties coming up every day. New York is the Empire State of foreclosures and it is a great investment for the potential buyer. All types of foreclosures including HUD and other Government properties are listed. You will need to get a good real estate agent to help you with the process of dealing with foreclosures.

Many buyers may opt to live in the city close to their work, so commuting is easy. But there are others who would prefer to live in the suburbs or even in New Jersey and commute from there. This way, they could avoid the hustle and bustle of city life after work.

A foreclosure in New York City takes place when a mortgage default in payment occurs. The owner may not have paid his taxes or not made any payments at all. The bank then seizes the property and puts it up for auction. Negotiations can take place, as the bank gives the owner three months to get his finances in order and sends letters offering help and advice. If the owner responds, an amicable solution can be reached – also there is the option of consolidating debts into one payment, but sometimes this does not happen and these homes come up for auction. Many homes are in the heart of the city, others in the Long Beach area where a buyer can get a beautiful property for a bargain price.

A foreclosure auction in New York City is extremely competitive. New York is considered by many as the greatest city in the world, and home prices range from millions in Manhattan to reasonable in the Queens area and lower in the Bronx area. A foreclosure auction in select areas like Westchester County, Putnam or Duchess County can be a real bargain for a buyer who is looking for a good investment.

New York City foreclosure homes appear on the Internet. You will need to apprise your real estate agent as to your exact needs and preferences, whether it is a home in the suburbs or in the city, and he will take you to view the homes that you can pick from the lists that appear every day. These lists come up frequently and they disappear fast, as there is a great demand for foreclosure homes.

Foreclosure information in New York City is available on the web. You can also do your own research and get as much information as you can from libraries. This will help you compare current prices so that you can tell your agent exactly what you would like to include in your budget. Some homes may be in good condition, but others may need repairs and renovation. But, if the deal is a good one, you can calculate the cost of repairs, and in spite of it, you can still come out a winner. Do your research with care, and you will find that your time and effort has not been in vain.

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