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Fort Collins real estate market presently has 489 foreclosure listings and properties set for auction in the near future. Their median listed price is a relatively modest $172,500. The price of the homes at the foreclosure auctions appears to be at a discount of about 35 percent over the average marked price of the 2,034 other FSBO homes also on sale at the Fort Collins property auctions, viz. $250,000.

This is in very in keeping with the trend witnessed all over the US. The Fort Collins real estate sector is dominated by its property brokers, such as Lydia Bliven, Julie Ogorman, Dennis W. Acott and Kay Osentowski in particular. They are among the leading real estate agents active in Fort Collins, and are both street-smart and steeped in the latest developments and trends related to housing at the macro level too.

Ranked Best in Livability Index

Fort Collins is the county seat and the most populated city of Larimer County, in the US state of Colorado. The city is less than 100 km from Denver, the state’s capital. Fort Collins is an educational hub and the site of Colorado State University. Money magazine had in 2006 ranked it as the Best Place to Live in.

The cities that are among Fort Collins’s suburbs include Berthoud, Wellington, Estes Park, Windsor, Fort Collins, Loveland and Timnath. Besides, there are several unincorporated communities in the suburbs of Fort Collins, and these include Kinikinik, Bellvue, Campion, Buckeye, Manhattan, Old Roach, Cherokee Park, Pinewood Springs, Drake, Red Feather Lakes, Glendevey, Rustic, Glen Haven, Teds Place, LaPorte, Virginia Dale, Livermore and Waverly.

Superb Homes at Throwaway Prices

The foreclosed properties homes at the Fort Collins real estate listings auctions can be picked up at unimaginable discounts. The reduction typically fluctuates between 10 percent and 50 percent of the actual market prices. The seizing authorities like banks or government agencies like VA, HUD and Fannie Mae are not real estate players per se. They are compelled to seize homes when the homeowners continue to default in repaying the loan premiums on time. After the legally stipulated notice of default to the owner and a six-month waiting period, the lender asserts its right to foreclose the house. However, such properties merely constitute its NPAs {nonperforming assets}. Hence, the seizing agencies try to get rid of the properties through foreclosure auctions as soon as they can.

Further, the auctioneers at the Fort Collins property auctions are not bothered with the actual value of the homes, or what they might obtain in the open market. Their sole interest is in recovering the pending amount against each home of the loan given towards it. So, the homes get listed on the basis of the minimum amounts that they must respectively sell for, to enable the auctioneer to break even. This naturally comes as a godsend for buyers, who can buy cheap at the dispossessed owners’ expense. You ought to capitalize on this opportunity and get yourself the home that you had always wished to buy but couldn’t afford!

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