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Gainesville, FL Foreclosure Listings and Properties

The residents of Gainesville are enthusiastically responding to the foreclosure listings and properties with competitive bids. Since at stake are splendid homes at extremely attractive discounts, even those who don’t intend relocating to Gainesville are seeking in the property auctions lucrative real estate investments, with a view to later flipping for profits.

Continuing Tempestuous Nationwide Foreclosure Activities

Gainesville is the county seat of Alachua County, in the US state of Florida. Gainesville boasts of being home to the University of Florida, the second-largest university in the entire US. Santa Fe College, one of the nation’s largest community colleges, is also located in Gainesville. Gainesville has been ranked as the “Best Place to Live in and Play” by National Geographic Adventure and in a recent edition of Cities Ranked & Rated.  The suburban region of Gainesville includes the cities of Alachua, Archer, Hawthorne, High Springs, Newberry and Waldo.

Gainesville has not remained isolated from the US national real estate market, which has witnessed frenzied activity pertaining to the foreclosure auctions.  The latest data concerning the government foreclosures at the time of posting this, relates to July, 2008. These may be outlined as follows. In July, 2008, the total new foreclosure activity in the US numbered 1,589,249, with actual sales having comprised 66,402, the average foreclosures sales price having been $66,402 and the average discount that the buyers got as a percentage of the market value of homes purchased had been 28%.  The corresponding respective figures in each of the four categories named in the foregoing sentence for the year ending in July, 2008 were: 9,007,087 new foreclosure activities, 423,713 sales, average sale price of $165,512, and average saving of 29%.

Foreclosure Auctions: Home Acquisition Gambits

You can profit from the Gainesville foreclosure auctions long after the auctions have been conducted. Now, does that sound enigmatic? Well, allow me to elaborate how. There are several properties that fail to secure new owners for themselves at the property auctions. Such homes remain in the legal ownership of the moneylenders. You can bet they must be the more anxious to get rid of the assets and recover their balance mortgage amounts. It would be smart for you to contact them after the lapse of a fortnight from the date of their ineffectual auction, to let their anxiety sink deeper. You can comfortably make a low-ball offer at this stage, that is, substantially less than the earlier listed price. The rest would stem from your negotiations and other factors pertinent to the individual homes.

If the Gainesville foreclosure auctions appear to you like a complicated maze, you perhaps require the professional services of the likes of Dale Turlington, Nancy J. Henry, Rick Marson, William B. Scheel and Tom Merrill. They are among the hundreds of real estate agents in Florida who can prove extremely helpful to you in selecting a home appropriate to your requirements, in framing a cogent strategy with regard to your investment at the property auctions, and of mastering the intricacies of the procedures associated with the foreclosure auctions. The real estate sector comes down hard upon ineptness, and financial miscalculations. There are millions of government foreclosures in the US to drive home this truism. Therefore, while you must make the most of the business opportunity offered by the government foreclosures, you owe it to yourself to secure your long-term financial security and interests. A competent agent can prove an indispensable ally in this context.

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