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Glendale a city in California in Los Angeles County is located on the Eastern end of the Valley of San Fernando. Glendale is divided by Verdugo Mountains and towards the area of greater Los Angeles it is a suburb. Its neighboring towns are Atwater Village, Burbank, Tujunga, La Canada Flintridge and Pasadena to name a few. Glendale Foreclosed Homes are much in demand by those who live in the neighboring towns also and the property auctions here are popular. This town comes under the purview of the Police Department of Glendale.

Locating foreclosure homes in Glendale

To locate government foreclosures, which have homes from Glendale foreclosures listed in their database you could either contact the banks who have confiscated homes for non repayment of loan taken by buyers from them. The banks will have first hand information on the homes which will be put up for sale shortly at foreclosure auctions. You could clinch a direct deal with the bank and buy the home off even before it is put up for auction. The bank and the owner of the home will be relieved to get the home sold before going through the trouble of putting it up for auction.

What are foreclosures

In Glendale or any other foreclosure, this is a procedure by which the bank or any other lender who has not been repaid the loan taken by the buyer can recover the amount by selling the property. Once the borrower does not return the mortgage payment and defaults it, the home is confiscated by the bank and put up for auction. The lender has to make a default notice before he puts the property up for sale.

How do foreclosure processes come to a close

There are basically four ways by which the foreclosure process ends. The borrower pays up the defaulted amount within the pre-foreclosure period; the owner who has defaulted the payment sells the property during this pre-foreclosure period and clears the loan; the property is bought by a third party at the auction at the end of this period; or the bank takes possession of the property from the borrower with the intention of selling it at an auction.
What should you do prior to bidding

Prior to bidding for a foreclosure property you should scrutinize the documents of the property and see whether there are any glitches in the ownership. If the documents are clear then the next step would be to check on the condition of the property and what repairs and changes would be required to make it livable. No doubt fore closure properties are very cheap, but if the repair work is extensive then you may end up spending much more than you bargained for.

Glendale Foreclosed Homes are popular because of the town’s proximity to other neighboring towns which are also easily accessible. Find a home suitable for you either through an online search or through real estate agents who will have a comprehensive list of all the foreclosure homes in Glendale.

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