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Hayward real estate market presently has 2,921 foreclosed homes and houses for sale at the median listed price of a relatively steep $387,000. There are also just 405 other FSBO {for sale by owner} homes. These have the median quoted price of $329,000. California has been the US state the worst affected by the government foreclosures, and has accounted for nearly a third of all the foreclosure filings that have occurred in the entire nation so far. The foreclosure auctions present home options to suit every conceivable requirement and taste of the prospective homebuyers. You can choose your pick from an eclectic collection involving condos, apartments, homes for single families and multi-families, duplexes, commercial establishments, farmlands and vacant lands. Indeed, the Hayward real estate listings auctions resemble a delightful if confusing kaleidoscope of homes to likely investors.

Hayward is situated in the East Bay region in Alameda County in the US state of California. Hayward is the sixth biggest city in the San Francisco Bay Area, and counts among the bigger suburbs of Oakland. The Hayward of today includes the annexed erstwhile suburbs of Schafer Park and Mt Eden. Alameda County is hedged in on its sundry sides by the following neighboring Californian counties: Stanislaus County, Santa Clara County, San Joaquin County, San Mateo County, Contra Costa County and San Francisco County. A few of the suburban cities of Hayward are as follows: Union City, Albany, San Leandro, Berkeley, Pleasanton, Dublin, Piedmont, Emeryville, Oakland, Fremont, Newark and Livermore. The city of Hayward lies in close proximity to several unincorporated communities, including San Lorenzo, Ashland, Sunol, Castro Valley, Fairview and Cherryland.

Property Investments Merit Strategic Planning

The real estate sector in Hayward is no different from the properties market elsewhere, in that it can easily make you a millionaire or a pauper overnight. Tales of successes or failures in property markets are legion. Since you are to be buying a home perhaps but once in your entire lifetime, it should be obvious that careful deliberations and strategic planning ought to precede your actual investments at the real estate listings auctions in Hayward. You should begin your financial calculations with an objective assessment of your current financial status, an honest evaluation of the extent of disposable funds with you and an in-depth analysis of your likely earnings and expenditures in the years to come.  A keen awareness of these figures will help you to arrive at optimal decisions regarding the price of the home that you may buy, the mortgage scheme best suited to you, and the maximum amount that you can afford to bid at the property auctions.

Favorable Time for Buying Homes

Hayward real estate listings auctions are witnessing a surge of prospective homebuyers. The government has recently taken over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This has naturally led to a greater stabilization of the mortgage market. Add to this the inviting prices of the homes at the foreclosure auctions and the low interest rates of the home loans and you have an overpowering case of aspiring buyers going berserk in their keenness to acquire houses under such fortunate circumstances. However, you ought to consult an experienced real estate agent before finalizing any transaction. Roberta Thomas, Jesse White, Rodolfo Meneses and Dawood Khan are among the leading property brokers in Hayward, who can help you to maximize your profit from your real estate investments.

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