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Hialeah foreclosed homes are available at foreclosure auctions that provide very good properties at very cheap prices. The foreclosure listings usually list all the properties in and around Hialeah. They feature all kinds of houses like duplexes, family homes, types of buildings etc. The foreclosure auctions are conducted by the court clerk. The transfer of the property to the bid winner is also his responsibility. Usually foreclosure of a property takes 9 weeks and in three months the property is put up for auction.

Government foreclosures are also very common in Hialeah. These auctions are carried on very fairly and the proceedings are transparent. The properties are seized by the government for non repayment of loans. The auctioneers provide much needed help during the auction honestly for the first time buyers. Even the application form filling sometimes throws up confusion and it is always better to seek the help of real estate agents. These property auctions have many properties to dispose off and a real estate agent would definitely be of great help.

Hialeah is a city in Florida. The city is precariously perched on a large prairie between Biscayne Bay and Everglades. This city known for its Cuban population has lots to offer the first time buyers, bargain hunters and investors. Foreclosed homes are properties put up for sale at the auction due to default of payment. The borrower is given 20 days to repay the mortgage, failing which the property is auctioned off with the consent of the court. It is possible to postpone the auctions by making announcements. But this can be done only three times. If the amount to be paid back is somehow adjusted then the borrower can reclaim his property. At foreclosure auctions the winning bidder has to pay the complete amount to the sheriff or the court clerk in charge of the auction. The transfer of the property is then finalized and legalized.

Sometimes a personal view of the property to be purchased is good to determine its actual worth. Property visits can be arranged through the mortgage companies and the real estate agents. Repair charges and remodeling charges can be ascertained with such a visit. Property auctions and foreclosure auctions are usually advertised with date and venue in the local dailies. The listings and information on such proceedings can also be acquired from listings published by the mortgage companies and also real estate auctioneers.

It is also convenient to take part in the online auction that takes place. The bids by other prospective buyers can be checked and advice sought from real estate agents for putting up a more lucrative price for the property. The photos of the property to be sold are put up online. These photos can be checked and verified before zeroing in on a property. Estate agents with professional know how would prove indispensable during the procedures, hence it would be a good idea to consult one.

Foreclosed homes and houses for sale can be checked and verified from the comfort of your own home through the inter net. Care should be taken while purchasing foreclosed homes and it should be done in accordance with the foreclosure laws governing each state.

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