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Last January 2008, when you walked on the streets of Pittsburgh, you would find every fifth or so house boarded up due to foreclosure. Since that time, bank foreclosures in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania began to drop considerably in number and the city began a transformation process since its manufacturing business experienced a collapse and people lost their jobs.

The improvement was noticed by President Obama who in September 2009, held the Summit of G-20 leaders there to highlight the successful result that Pittsburgh was able to see. He was able to show how the city rose from their previous difficulties.

In comparison to the year 2008, foreclosures in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania decreased to about twenty percent less and this is an impressive number that the city needs to be proud about. Every year since 2006, foreclosures seem to be dropping in counties such as Alleghany, Westmoreland, Beaver, Washington and Butler.

In Alleghany County alone, the city experienced a drop in foreclosures to about 12 percent since the year 2007 and 2008 respectively. Washington County seemed to be the only one in the city that experienced an increase in foreclosures year after year. If you had visited the courthouse in Washington County this year, you would have seen a list of 326 foreclosures in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which is more than a 2 percent increase from last year. Last year, the number was 319 altogether.

However, for the most part, the other counties reported a decrease in the foreclosure rate and as a matter of fact; the city of Pittsburgh was voted by Fortune Magazine as the second best city to start a business, which is very impressive.

Pittsburgh is one of those cities that have easy access to all major highways going east to west and north to south. Therefore, many people will want to do business there for its accessibility to commuters, airports and others.

Foreclosures in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania can be found in Washington County these days. If you are looking to buy a first time home in Pittsburgh, you can consider buying one of those foreclosures. The city wants to improve the area and have people move into this particular County to get it up to par with the other counties in the city.

Therefore, you can take advantage of the business opportunities and possibilities as well as a discounted foreclosed property to take up residence in Washington County located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and become one of those counted as the resident that moved in to foster improvement of the community.

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