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Huntington Beach Foreclosed Homes and Houses for Sale

Huntington Beach is a city located on the coast in Orange County which is in the southern part of California. The Pacific Ocean and Seal Beach are on the west and north respectively while the south has Costa Mesa and on the east there is Fountain Valley. Huntington Beach foreclosed homes are made more popular by the location of this city which has a long beach and a mild climate. People from different towns want to relocate to this city making the foreclosure auctions here popular for finding real estate and homes.

Tax Lien Foreclosures

Foreclosures of Huntington Beach foreclosed homes, for non repayment of loans, are better known by the public, but a tax lien foreclosure is different. When a person buys a property there is a property tax which has to be paid also. This tax amount is added to the mortgage payment and has to be paid in installments throughout the year. Once the property is owned by the new owner the tax has to be paid either in a single amount once a year or every quarter. If the taxes are not paid then the government puts a tax lien on the property and puts the property up for sale at any property auction. The new buyer will have to pay up all these dues when he buys the property, however, when the previous owner does pay up his taxes, the new owner will get a rebate of all the extra expenses he has incurred.
Locating a tax lien foreclosure

Real estate buyers find tax lien a good investment and are buying more of these certificates. The profits are good and there is less investment. To find out more about tax lien properties you should see the ads in the newspapers and also get in touch with the county clerk who will be able to give you information on the tax lien sales which will come up shortly. The percentage of interest which can be earned on tax lien is good and you can make a good profit.

Why invest in foreclosure homes

Buying your home from a government foreclosure auction can save you a lot of money which you can put back on the house by way of modifications and improvement. This way you can get a home which is exactly what you had dreamt of and maybe save some money on the price too. If you go in for a new home you will be paying a much larger price and will have to pay extra for any of the changes you want to make. A home which is a foreclosure one could be one which is not too old as the mortgage is still due on it and you can save thousand of dollars on it. The extra money could come in handy for furniture and doing it up and making it comfortable for yourself. Though people may have defaulted on the repayment of the loan the house still remains the same and you could always check out on what repairs have to be done before you buy it.

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