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Few but Irresistible Foreclosure Offerings

Jackson real estate sector presently has only 19 foreclosure listings and properties proposed for sale through property auctions in the forthcoming weeks. These homes bear the median listed price of an unbelievably low and inviting $35,700. There are also 607 other FSBO properties on sale at the real estate listings auctions in Jackson. Their median quoted price is about 350 percent higher than that for foreclosed homes, at $120,000. This strikingly proves that the auctioneers at the foreclosure auctions – such as HUD, VA, Fannie Mae, Sheriff or banks – invariably sell the seized properties at fantastic discounts that are way below the prevailing market rates. The prospective homebuyers in Jackson do have a wide general choice, but the spectrum of selection for foreclosed properties appears to be rather narrow. However, the sheer throwaway prices of the seized homes should merit a surge of buyers at the foreclosure auctions. Such foreclosed properties also attract professional flippers, who buy houses that are priced extremely low and aim to sell them later to reap handsome dividends.

Jackson is one of the two county seats of Hinds County, the other being the township of Raymond. Jackson is also the most populated city and the capital of the US state of Mississippi. The city has been so named as a tribute to the former US president Andrew Jackson. The Jackson MSA {metropolitan statistical area} is the 88th biggest MSA in the nation. The Jackson MSA unites with Yazoo City micropolitan area to form the Jackson-Yazoo City CSA {combined statistical area}. The Hinds County has the following other counties adjacent to it: Yazoo County, Madison County, Warren County, Rankin County, Claiborne County and Copiah County. Jackson has the cities of Raymond and Clinton as its close suburbs. In addition, the towns lying in proximity to Jackson are Utica, Bolton, Terry, Learned and Edwards. Besides, the unincorporated places of Pocahontas, Oakley and Brownsville also exist in the vicinity of Jackson.

Find Yourself A Competent Agent

The Jackson real estate market is dominated by its prominent property brokers, such as Preston F. Patton, A. L. Wright, Tina Snell and John R. Lewis. Real estate investments have traditionally been rather risky. They can make millionaires or paupers of investors depending on their wise investments or erroneous market calculations. First-time homebuyers are likely to find the real estate listings auctions to resemble a perplexing labyrinth, with a mesmerizing array of alluring home options and enticing mortgage schemes. An experienced agent can guide you to make all the right decisions. A person usually buys a house once in a lifetime, and this investment involves considerable money, so you cannot afford to take any chances in this important matter.

Prospective homebuyers in Jackson and elsewhere cannot remain unaware of and immune from various macroeconomic developments taking place in the US and elsewhere. The EU and Japan have officially declared themselves to be in a state of recession. Recession is said to occur when the economy contracts for two successive quarters. Most economists agree that the US is already experiencing recession, though the statistics confirming it will be released only by January, 2009. With home prices on a slide and falling finance interest rates, buying homes makes sense. However, an agent’s role acquires greater significance in today’s uncertain market scenario. There are millions of foreclosed homes in the US to prove that careful thought and planning ought to precede housing investments, and you would agree with that, wouldn’t you?

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