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Kansas City Foreclosed Homes and Houses for Sale

Kansas City real estate sector is presently readying itself for 1,004 foreclosed homes and houses for sale at its real estate listings auctions. These properties bear the median listed price of a mere $67,000. There are also 1,199 other FSBO homes set for sale through the property auctions in Kansas City sporting the median asking price of $100,000. The marked difference in the different median quoted prices illustrates that the foreclosed homes are being offered for sale at the foreclosure auctions in Kansas City at a discount of about 35 percent over the usual market prices. No wonder the prospective homebuyers are queuing up at the foreclosure auctions in such large numbers and with obvious gusto.

Kansas City is the county seat of Wyandotte County and is also the third biggest city in the US state of Kansas. Kansas City is the nucleus of the Kansas City MSA {metropolitan statistical area}. The city is subject to a “unified government” that encompasses the adjacent cities of Edwardsville and Bonner Springs. Kansas City is located at Kaw Point, which marks the confluence of the Kansas and Missouri rivers. Other places in the suburbs of Kansas City include Lake Quivira, Turner, Piper, and Argentine.

Opportune Home Buying Time Now

The Kansas City property auctions enable prospective homebuyers once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to pick up gorgeous homes at throwaway prices. The millions of government foreclosures taking place in the US have made available a breathtaking variety of properties available for aspiring buyers. Home prices have been consistently declining in the US. Moreover, interest rates on housing loans have also been steadily falling. All these make for an opportune time for you to invest in the real estate sector. The foreclosure auctions offer splendid homes at fantastic discounts. The auction procedures are few and fair. The homes possess clear titles.

On the flip side, the Kansas City real estate listings auctions should be viewed with caution too. The US economy appears to be already in recession, though the statistics confirming it will be officially declared only by January, 2009. Only buyers with assured sources of income, adequate surplus cash, and the ability to hold on to the bought properties should consider buying houses during such a lean season. If you lack these, then perhaps you might be better off with adopting the “Wait and watch” stance until the economy stabilizes to a certain degree.

Property Broker’s Enhanced Role Today

Prominent property brokers in Kansas City include Steven Brettell, Richard Watkins, Hugh Zimmer and Grace Vitale. Sure, there are hundreds of real estate agents active in the city. You ought to make your home choices and mortgage decisions only after thorough consultations with an experienced and shrewd agent. Hiring an agent makes no dent in your wallet as he is to be reimbursed by the seller from the transaction proceeds. The present real estate market is witnessing turbulent developments and trends with every passing day. This enhances the importance of the agent’s role as your guide and ally at the Kansas City foreclosure auctions.

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