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Buyers and investors have been buying up Knoxville, TN seized properties, especially bank REO’s. The great thing about purchasing bank owned properties is you are getting a property under market value that is in a Knoxville Tennessee neighborhood that you probably would not have been able to invest in a few years ago because it was too expensive. With the decline of homes prices and many foreclosures coming on the market, prices have become very affordable in all neighborhoods and price ranges. The competition from foreclosed houses has also kept the home prices in the Knoxville area competitive as well. There are also pre-foreclosure short sale opportunities for creative buyers and investors who are willing to pay cash and wait for the short sale approval, which is a lengthy one.

The Best Place to Find Seized Properties

If you are looking for safer, less risky Knoxville investments, then REO’s listed with local Realtors offer you the security of knowing you get to purchase a property with built in equity. You don’t have to worry about liens or having to evict former owners or tenants from the property. While many REO’s need repairs, there are a number that are in good shape and just need cosmetic repairs.  Don’t be scared by things you read about the condition of foreclosed homes. You can obtain a home inspection and find out for yourself about the home’s systems so there is no guesswork involved.  If the home meets your budget and expectations, then you can go forward with closing the transaction. Your Realtor can help you sort through the mounds of paperwork to find a property that meets your criteria so you don’t waste time looking at ones that don’t. The Realtor can help make suggestions on how you can write your offer so the bank accepts it. Also, the Realtor can refer you to vendors ranging from mortgage brokers to home inspectors and contractors.

Other good places to find bank seized properties in Knoxville and the surrounding areas are the local newspaper and also the Internet. You may also want to check government websites for a list of their seized properties.UHUD HUDHUD  HUD sells their seized homes when FHA borrowers default on their properties by offering them for sale through local Realtors as well.

If you live in the area, you can always drive by a neighborhood you are interested in and look for bank foreclosure signs. Brokers hold open houses on their caravan days and also on Sunday afternoons so you can preview the properties. Or you can make an appointment with the listing agent or with a buyer’s agent that you choose to work with.

Right now is a terrific time to take advantage of low interest rates and affordable home prices in the Knoxville area in Tennessee while these deals last. In fact, you have no excuse not to purchase a bank seized home for investment purposes or if you just want to live in the home.

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