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Knoxville real estate listings auctions currently have 1,142 foreclosure listings and properties at the median quoted price of an inviting $87,089. On the other hand, the other 4,296 homes for sale through the Knoxville property auctions have a listed price that’s nearly double that of the foreclosed homes, viz. $189,000. Patently, for any homebuyer seeking splendid properties at rock-bottom prices, there could be no better option than the foreclosure auctions here. This explains the great influx of home-hunters at the Knoxville foreclosure auctions and the frenzied competitive bidding that is becoming the norm here.

Knoxville is the county seat of Knox County in the US state of Tennessee. Knoxville is the third biggest city in Tennessee State, behind Memphis and Nashville. The city is the nodal city of the Knoxville MSA {metropolitan statistical area}. The city is also a part of the Knoxville-Sevierville-La Follette CSA {combined statistical area}. Farragut is the only other major city in Knox County. Other unincorporated communities in the suburbs of Knoxville include Vestal, Ball Camp, Thorn Grove, Bearden, Strawberry Plains, Bluegrass, Riverdale, Cedar Bluff, Powell, Corryton, Norwood, Gibbs, Mt Olive, Halls Crossroads, Mascot, Hardin Valley, and Ramsey.

Conjunction of Factors Favoring Buying

The Knoxville foreclosure auctions involve several incentives for homebuyers that they are finding difficult to ignore. The homes are usually gorgeous residences and would make proud assets for anyone. The current median asking price of a mere $87,089 for seized homes is amazingly low and inviting, even in these times of sweeping foreclosure filings all across the US. Moreover, the auctioneering agency — like VA, HUD, Fannie Mae or banks — inspires the buyers’ trust. One can be sure one wouldn’t be tricked of one’s money by shady operators in the real estate market, such as abound in modern unholy times. The auction procedures are relatively simple, even for first-timers. Moreover, the foreclosed houses have clear titles and proper documentation. The Knoxville real estate market has not remained immune from the falling home prices and mortgage interest rates that have characterized the US housing segment in recent times. The ongoing foreclosure auctions bring all such favorable variables to a climax and compel the buyer to acquire an excellent property at heartening discount, and easily-repayable mortgage finance.

However, since you aren’t likely to be investing in the Knoxville property auctions every other year, it behooves you to hire a competent agent to help you with your home-hunting. Lee Burch, Robert W. Bedwell, Bill Keck and Trula Mugford are among the city’s prominent property brokers. You should hire an agent only after checking her certification got from the real estate department of the state. Selecting an efficient agent ought to be your first priority in your search for an ideal residence. With the economy going through a turbulent phase at present, real estate investments merit additional forethought and planning.  Your agent ought to be as aware of the macro economic trends as she is familiar with the local territory.

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