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Lancaster, CA Foreclosure Listings and Properties

There are presently 4,464 foreclosure listings and properties in Lancaster, with the median listed price of $193,500. This represents a lowering by over 20 percent over the previous month’s average price of foreclosed properties on sale at the property auctions in Lancaster. Matters are seemingly getting better and better for potential buyers of houses with every passing month.

Lancaster is located in Los Angeles County, in California State of the US. It is over 100 km from Los Angeles, in Antelope Valley in southern California. Lancaster is the ninth fastest-growing city in the US. Lancaster is a part of the Palmdale / Lancaster, CA Urbanized Area {a term defined by the US Census Bureau}. Lancaster counts as its suburbs the following cities: Los Angeles, Burbank, Long Beach, Norwalk, Glendale, West Covina, Santa Clarita, Downey, Pomona, Inglewood, Torrance, El Monte, Pasadena and Palmdale.

California: Spotlight of Government Foreclosures

Government foreclosures in Lancaster have been rising, in pace with the tendency discernible all over the US. As per market research, the government foreclosures manifested a 12 percent rise in August, 2008 over the previous month. During August, 2008 one in every 416 US households is estimated to have suffered foreclosure. California accounts for roughly a third of all government foreclosures activity in the US. In the second quarter of 2008, one in every 65 Californian households is recorded to have been the recipient of a foreclosure filing. However, the bright lining to this dark cloud is the opportunity that the foreclosure auctions provide to prospective homebuyers to acquire splendid homes at tremendous discounts. Clearly, one person’s misery seems to get converted into the other’s joy.

Agent Vital for Profitable Investments

Lancaster real estate listings auctions will become a lot simpler and more maneuverable for you if you were to employ the professional services of Anita Mc Callam, Emile Theodory, Re Wainwright or James Roache. They are among the most influential property brokers active in Lancaster. Of course, there are hundreds of other agents in Lancaster, who help buyers and sellers of homes to get together and result in actual sales. You ought to invest at the property auctions only with an experienced and astute agent as your ally. An agent can help you at almost every stage of the convoluted home-acquisition path. She can help you to select an appropriate house for yourself, assess your finances to work out an optimal mortgage loan for yourself, and determine the maximum price that you ought to bid at the property auctions.

Before hiring a real estate agent, you must check her certification. California’s real estate department has made available a list of all its certified agents on the internet. A competent agent would typically be someone who has years of experience in the service, who works fulltime, has a vast clientele, is acquainted with the local terrain, has keen insights into the dynamics of the real estate market, and who considers your stipulated requirements with gravity rather than seeks to inflict her choices upon you. Such an agent can be your passport to finding a suitable home for yourself, as well as making a lucrative real estate investment at the foreclosure auctions.

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