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Lansing foreclosure listings and properties have added considerable zing to the real estate market. The residents are astounded at the breathtaking range of properties on display at unbelievably low prices. The offerings seem almost too good to be true, but the reputed auctioneers involved inspire investor confidence in the foreclosure auctions. Residents from Lansing’s suburbs are also trooping in to bid at the foreclosure auctions. Important suburban cities of Lansing include Leslie, Mason and Williamston. Towns near Lansing include Aurelius, Bunker Hill, Delhi Charter, Ingham, Leroy, Leslie, Locke, Meridian Charter, Onondaga, Stockbridge, Wheatfield, White Oak and Williamstown.

Lansing: An Enviable Relocation Choice

Lansing is located mostly in Ingham County, although small portions of the city extend into Eaton County, in the US state of Texas. Lansing is the only US state capital (among the 44 located in counties) that is not also a county seat, with Mason being the county seat of Ingham County. Lansing Combined Statistical Area (CSA) includes the adjacent Shiawassee County too. The Lansing metropolitan area, colloquially called “Mid-Michigan”, is an important locus for educational, cultural, governmental, business, and high-tech manufacturing institutions, including three medical schools, two nursing schools, two law schools {including the nation’s largest law school}, a Big Ten Conference university (Michigan State), the state Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, and the headquarters of four national insurance companies. Hence, apparently relocating to such a well-provided city would come with its own advantages in various spheres.

Lansing foreclosure auctions need to be viewed as a part of the larger national context as well. The latest government foreclosure activities pertaining to the month of July, 2008 and for the one- year period ending in July, 2008 may be respectively summarized as follows: foreclosure auctions throughout the US: 1,589,249 and 9,007,087; the actual number of sales:  66,402 and 423,713; the average foreclosures sales price: $173,645 and $165,512; and the average representative savings of the buyers, as a percentage of the current market values of their bought properties: 28% and 29%.

Agents Determine Property Auctions Outcomes

Participants at the Lansing foreclosure auctions, particularly the first-time buyers, can be enormously helped by the advice that a knowledgeable real estate agent can give them. Chuck Abraham, Harold Halstead, D. E. Haven, Paul Gentilozzi and Matthew Fisher are the names of a few prominent property dealers of Lansing. An agent is rewarded by the seller from the sale proceeds; so, you would in effect be getting absolutely free guidance and tips. You should verify the agent’s certificate before entrusting her with your fortunes at the property auctions.  A first-class agent will be experienced, shrewd, street-smart, easily accessible, understanding towards your specifications and quick to respond to your requests. The agent can suggest homes suitable for you in Lansing, help you to settle on your optimal maximum bid price for the foreclosure auctions, and offer you realistic guidelines on your winning conduct at the property auctions. It would hardly constitute an exaggeration to conclude the very choice of an agent can prove the critical aspect in whether you finalize a money-spinning transaction or incur the millstone of a wasteful asset at the foreclosure auctions.

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