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The Orange foreclosure auctions to take place in the next few days currently feature 545 foreclosed homes and houses for sale. These have the median listed price of a relatively steep $470,729. The 625 other MLS and FSBO homes included among the Orange real estate listings auctions command the exorbitant median asking price of $590,000. This market snapshot reveals that the foreclosed homes do enjoy about 20 percent discount over the other properties that are determined by the prevailing market prices. However, the home prices in Orange appear to be at a great premium and this must doubtlessly be explained by the prevailing local market factors.

The state of California has been, along with Nevada and Arizona, among those that have been the worst affected by the government foreclosures raging throughout the US in recent years. The most frequent auctioneer at the foreclosure auctions in Orange is a bank, with HUD, VA, Freddie Mac, Sheriff and Fannie Mae following in close suit. The foreclosed home choices involve an eclectic and wide range to interest and delight intending homebuyers with every conceivable taste and property specifications. Whether it is a condominium, an apartment, a duplex, a multifamily setup, a farmland or vacant land that you seek, you are sure to encounter several tentative options among the foreclosed houses to be auctioned in Orange soon. There are scores of property brokers actively facilitating property transactions in Orange. Jon Polentz, Mark Drenner, Rebecca Balderrama and Monique Figueroa have established themselves as particularly successful and influential real estate agents functioning in the city.

Orange is a city located in Orange County, in the US state of California. Orange County is the third most populous county in California, following Los Angeles County and San Diego County. The county is generally regarded to be an affluent and politically significant region. Important cities in the vicinity of Orange include Santa Ana, Lake Forest, Dana Point, Placentia and Yorba Linda. Additionally, the suburbs of Orange include the unincorporated communities of Portola Hills, Tustin Ranch, Woodbridge, Santiago Hills and San Joaquin Hills. Besides, there exist several communities near Orange that lie beyond the city limits, and a few of these are Emerald Bay, Orange Park Acres, Rossmoor, Trabuco Canyon and Surfside.

Accessing Latest Foreclosure Auctions Information

You can learn about the forthcoming foreclosure auctions in Orange by regularly reading the local newspapers. The auctioneers are legally mandated to advertise the auctions of foreclosed properties at least thrice in the newspapers, and the first such advertisement is to appear at least 21 days before the due auction date. Next, you could profitably surf the internet to make use of the numerous real estate websites proliferating upon it. These will provide you all relevant specifications of the homes, as well as enable you to view pictures of the houses on sale too. Finally, the local property brokers can also acquaint you with the latest properties available for purchase.

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