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The real estate listings auctions taking place in Portland offer you the chance to relocate to and live the most populous city of the US state of Oregon. Portland is known as the City of Roses, and is referred to as the greenest or the most eco-friendly city in the entire US. Hence, it must come as no wonder that there is keen participation at the government foreclosures even from the residents of Portland’s neighborhoods, such as Goose Hollow, Linnton, Ashcreek, Crestwood, Eliot, King, Cully, Roseway, Sumner, Argay, Glenfair, Brooklyn, Kerns, Healy Heights and Woodstock.

Useful Ally for Property Auctions

Your chances of selecting a suitable home for yourself and completing a lucrative transaction at the real estate listings auctions can magnify substantially, if you were to be aided by a knowledgeable and efficient property agent. Svaren and Mc Call are two such agents among the umpteen working in Portland. You ought to employ an agent’s services only after verifying her certification and designation issued by the state’s department of real estate.

A real estate agent is usually not remunerated for her efforts by the buyer. It is the seller who pays her an agreed-upon commission from the sales proceeds. This is effect means that the buyer’s agent is practically acting as a subagent of the seller. However, you can also hire and pay your own agent, called the buyer’s broker, whose legal obligation would be exclusively to you.

Real Estate: Employing Strategic Negotiations

Property auctions call for smart and hard negotiations and the following cardinal rules may serve as certain useful practical tips in this regard. Do your homework well and get to know as much about the property as you can. Play your cards close to your vest and reveal only limited information to the seller or to his agent. Regardless of how tempting an offer might seem, never allow yourself to be rushed into a decision. Knowledge of the seller’s motivation to sell may frequently lead you to a stronger position at the negotiating table. For instance, a “motivated seller”, who must sell quickly to join a new job or so, may become willing to accept a lower offer. The listed price need not always be accepted as conclusive, as a seller may frequently settle for less than it. However, deliberately making a low-ball offer runs the risk of souring the negotiations, and discouraging the seller from negotiating at all. You must tactfully hit hard enough to win, and not hard enough to scare away altogether!

After you have shortlisted a few desirable homes for targeting at the foreclosure auctions, you ought to make a few site visits and inspect the houses carefully. Check the condition of the houses and any repairs that you may be entailed making in them later on. A single look-over may not normally suffice for you to grasp the real picture and you should not grudge the personal efforts involved of your repeated site visits. To sum up, the government foreclosures represent a rare and desirable opportunity, but you need to do adequate research and play your cards right to truly profit from them.

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