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Raleigh foreclosed homes and houses for sale have made it to the second spot in Forbes magazine’s list of the top ten markets for buying a foreclosed home. So, obviously there must be homes aplenty, at prices irresistible low, and with titles clear enough to cause the residents to passionately bid for their possession. At the top rank of the Forbes list is Charlotte, NC. Raleigh is serially followed by Nashville, TN, Oklahoma City, OK, San Antonio, TX, Albuquerque, NM, Knoxville, TN, Seattle, WA, Indianapolis, IN, and Washington-Arlington-Alexandria.

Raleigh is the county seat of Wake County and the capital city of the US state of NC. Raleigh has earned the nickname of the “City of Oaks” for its umpteen oak trees. Raleigh is the fifteenth greatest growing city in the US. Durham, Raleigh & Chapel Hill. A minor portion of Raleigh extends into Durham County. The primary suburbs of Raleigh include Cary, Apex, Wake Forest, Garner,  Clayton  Holly Springs and Knightdale.

The US: Rising Government Foreclosures

Raleigh has been in the forefront of the government foreclosures. The US saw a million foreclosures in 2006 and 1.5-2 million foreclosures in 2007. This year, there have already been over two-thirds of a million foreclosures, representing about 9 of every 1,000 households in the US, and this figure appears set to cross the million mark by the year-end. Clearly, this is an unprecedented and nation-wide phenomenon. It has predictably evoked hectic activity in the markets, with prospective buyers of homes queuing up at the property auctions in search of their dream homes.

Property Auctions: Information & Ally

Knowledge represents power, as per popular belief, and this dictum applies to the Raleigh real estate listings auctions no less. You ought to tap into the right mines of relevant information to positively impact your efforts at the property auctions. There are umpteen websites devoted to real estate. You can glean the very latest and authoritative facts from them by just surfing the internet from the comfort of your home. The websites offer every imaginable detail about all the houses to be auctioned in Raleigh, along with their pictures. Besides, the websites also provide you various other tips on how to derive the maximum profit from the foreclosure auctions. The National Association of Realtors estimates that over 80% of prospective homebuyers turn to the internet these days to fulfill their search for ideal homes.

Raleigh real estate agents are minting money, with the property auctions rewarding them for their services in enabling the sale of homes. Elmore Frank, Ruby Henderson, Jack Alphin, Gary Hooker and Venita Peyton are among the several leading agents of Raleigh, anyone of whom you could consider roping in as your guide and ally. The agent plays a determining role in causing a sale. A competent agent will adequately help you to both secure your interests and earn profits at the property auctions.

You ought to, therefore, choose your agent with the utmost care, as she will determine your success or failure at the property auctions.

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