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Rancho Cucamonga real estate listings auctions currently feature as many as 1,870 foreclosure listings and properties bearing the median listed price of a high $364,000. The 757 other FSBO houses also on sale at the Rancho Cucamonga property auctions carry only a nominally higher median quoted price of $369,900.  California has been the state the most severely affected by the millions of foreclosure filings that have occurred in the US in the last three years. California has suffered about a third of the entire government foreclosures taken place in the whole of the US. Hence, the huge number of homes at the foreclosure auctions was quite expected. However, the relatively high pricing comes as a surprise. The pricing of the seized homes has none of the element of alluring discounts that marks foreclosure auctions in other US cities.

Rancho Cucamonga is a flourishing city in San Bernardino County, in the US state of California. As recently as in 2006, Money magazine had ranked the city at number 42 among the Best Places to Live in within the US. The city of Rancho Cucamonga had been formed in 1977 by merging the unincorporated communities of Alta Loma, Etiwanda and Cucamonga.

San Bernardino County is the largest county in the US. Indeed, the county is greater in area than each of the nine smallest US states. San Bernardino County is situated in the southeastern region of California State. The county is a sprawling terrain comprising mountains and deserts. It extends from the Riverside-San Bernardino area to the river Colorado and the border of Nevada. The eight counties that adjoin San Bernardino County are the counties of Inyo, Kern, Clark, Los Angeles, Mohave, Orange, La Paz and Riverside.

The several suburban cities and towns of Rancho Cucamonga include Adelanto, Needles, Chino, Rialto, Hesperia, Yucaipa, Montclair, Victorville, San Bernardino and Upland. Besides, the umpteen unincorporated communities in the vicinity of Rancho Cucamonga include Baldwin Lake, Devore Heights, Bloomington, Fort Irwin, Cedar Glen, Daggett, Crafton, Hodge, Crestline, Kingston, Mentone, Lake Arrowhead, Lytle Creek, Landers, Oak Glen, Morongo Valley, Phelan, Newberry Springs, Rice, San Antonio Heights, Twin Peaks, Wrightwood, Sugarloaf, Wonder Valley and VOE {Valley of Enchantment}.

Select an Expert Agent First

The Rancho Cucamonga real estate market has Ruben Mendez, Scott Da Rosa, Steve Carter and Crystal Maness as important players, though none of them is either a seller or a buyer of homes. Property brokers have traditionally played a vital and dominant role in real estate transactions. In the ongoing tempestuous economic times, the agent’s role has acquired added significance. Agents perform the important function of guiding buyers through the maze of choices that confront them. With astute counsel from your agent, you can make the right decisions relating to the home options that you should bid for, the precise mortgage scheme that would be the most suited to you, and the maximum amount that your current financial straits enable you to bid at the foreclosure auctions.

First-timers at the Rancho Cucamonga foreclosure auctions ought to, in particular, seek out a competent agent prior to parting with their hard-earned money on the purchase of a property. The real estate market can make millionaires or paupers of investors almost overnight. The ongoing recessionary phase of the US and several parts of the global economy impacts the housing sector in various ways. An efficient agent will advise you on the optimal choices to make in a fluid and unpredictable market, so that not only can your finances be safe but you are also enabled to maximize your profits from your investments.

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