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REO (Real Estate Owned) Properties In Seattle, WA

Buying Real Estate Owned property in Seattle is a very risky job and as it is the processes involved are not so simple, so many real investors have just not been so successful in these kind of property dealings. So many agents have undergone a great loss. Before dealing with REO properties you need to take advice of some real good professional agents and need to be very patient. It could be a very unpredictable experience to go ahead without having any knowledge of the processes involved.

There are some very good deals available in the foreclosure market which offers some of the best opportunities for the real estates. Also one needs to do a lot of homework before getting into this process. Experts have spotted some considerable growth in available foreclosure properties. So it is also time for you to start investing in it.

There are people who have fallen short every time they have tried to land in this kind of deal. Most of the successful investors that are there in the market have either been educated by some real good professional REO realtors or some experienced investors who have been there in the market already for years. So, it is first most important to take some advice from experienced investors and real estate agents (who have also initially made mistakes and gradually succeeded with time). Here are a few names of some good investors in and around Seattle just for reference:

  • Regal Financial Bank
  • Condo Compare
  • Sound View Home Inspection
  • Coldwell Banker Bain
  • John L. Scott
  • Adeo Realty
  • Staging for Charisma, LLC
  • Teresa Berry

Please do note a few important points which you have to keep in mind before buying an REO property:

  1. Consultation: Try to find a professional and experienced real estate owned property realtor in the area you wish to buy a REO property. You need to ask as many questions as you can and clear all your doubts about this kind of investment. You will also need to gain confidence of the agents you have gone to, so that they can help you and explain you in detail all the process and give you good return.
  2. Price: Do remember that the prices offered for a particular property has been put on for a reason and can in no way be bargained. So, it is important you decide what you want and should be well aware of the other real estate owned properties in the area. If you think that the price offered is not in the budget that you have in mind, then you should move on to the other REO property.
  3. Patience & Professionalism: It is important that you show some professionalism and patience as well while dealing with the banks as you would be dealing with some real procedural work. So, to get a good return it is very essential that you be patient with the bank’s time consuming tasks.
  4. Simple Offer: You should always remember that your offer should be simple and reasonable so that there is a possibility of a certain result and do not complicate the situation, it is also to be in the bank’s interests.
  5. Closing costs: You need to consider the closing costs of the deal in your offer as most banks pay the closing costs as a deal. Because this lowers the return on the bank’s side, so take this into your concern.
  6. Sufficient cash: It is important that you have sufficient cash with you for the deals.

Do remember that to seek out advice from others and to be patient is the most important feature of this.

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