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Salinas’s real estate listings auctions currently feature a huge number of 3,310 foreclosed homes and houses for sale at the median listed price of $348,000. The sole new home presently being advertised for auction in Salinas bears the prevailing market quoted price of a much higher $489,000. The Salinas property auctions are experiencing frenzied crowds of aspiring homebuyers and intensely competitive bidding. It appears that buyers are loath to allow this chance of buying great properties at inviting prices to pass them by. There is a breathtaking variety of options available to buyers to choose from. Tiny condominiums, modest apartments, elegant single-family homes, huge duplexes, sprawling, multifamily residences, vacant lands – Salinas has each of the preceding categories to offer at its property auctions.

Salinas is the county seat of Monterey County, in the US state of California. The city is located a few miles from the Pacific Ocean and so enjoys an equable climate. Salinas’s twin claims to fame are its being an agricultural hub and the native place of the renowned author and Nobel Prize laureate John Steinbeck. The diverse suburban cities, towns and unincorporated places of Salinas include Monterey, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Pacific Grove, Del Rey Oaks, Gonzales, Sand City, Greenfield, Seaside, King City, Soledad, Marina, Spreckels, Aromas, San Lucas, Boronda, Moss Landing, Bradley, Elkhorn, Carmel Valley Village, Del Monte Forest, Pebble Beach, Castroville, Chualar, Parkfield, Carmel Highlands, Lockwood and Jolon.

Key Attractions of Foreclosure Auctions

The foreclosure auctions in Salinas are proving irresistible to prospective homebuyers for several sound and valid reasons. The seized homes are invariably sold at inviting discounts of up to 50 percent over the market prices. The auctioneers include banks, HUD, VA, Sheriff and Fannie Mae. They are constrained to foreclose properties when their owners persist in defaulting on their due loan installments. Hence, only a fraction of the loan amount remains pending against each such home. These homes are, therefore, listed only at the balance of the loan amount recoverable from them, if the auctioneer is to break even on the mortgage. As a result, the buyers find that they can purchase superb homes at fantastic discounts. Moreover, the auction procedures are smooth, just and transparent. The residences have clear titles, free from any lien. The icing on the cake is the easy mortgage finance at declining interest rates that is easily procurable from the plethora of mortgage companies in the fray as well.

Agent Vital for Secure Investment

Salinas has hundreds of real estate agents actively enabling property negotiations and transactions among sellers and buyers of homes. G. Davi, Nicholas Strauss, Gloria Moore and Su Hogar are leading property brokers in Salinas. If you were to seek the advice and guidance of an experienced agent, it is bound to make a positive difference in your eventual windfall gained at the Salinas property auctions. The US and most of the global economy is in unpredictable ebb in the present times. If you are considering buying a home at a tremendously discounted price, now is the time to buy. However, if you seek to purchase properties only with the intent of flipping them later for a bonus, you must be prepared for a lengthy wait. An astute agent’s advice on all such matters can prove invaluable to the security of your financial interests at the real estate listings auctions in Salinas.

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