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Savannah currently has 729 foreclosure listings and properties scheduled for sale in the imminent future at its foreclosure auctions. Their median listed price is an inviting $110,500. In contrast, the other 3,964 FSBO {for sale by owner} houses that are on sale at the Savannah property auctions command a median listed price that’s almost double that of the going rate for foreclosed homes, viz. $229,000. This vividly illustrates the chief reason for the growing popularity of the foreclosure auctions as the prospective homebuyers’ first choice: the chance of acquiring splendid residences at half their usual market rates. No wonder the Savannah foreclosure auctions are drawing huge crowds of buyers hopeful of reaping a windfall from this rare real estate business opportunity now available.

Relocation to Picturesque Tourist Spot

Savannah is the county seat and the biggest city of Chatham County, in the US state of Georgia. Savannah is a hot tourist spot for millions of visitors annually. Besides being the hometown of Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of the noble Girl Scouts movement in the US, the city is swathed in historic buildings and ancient architecture, is home to the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences, the First African Baptist Church, the third oldest synagogue in the US, Temple Mickve Israel, and the oldest extant antebellum rail structure, Georgia Railway roundhouse complex. Savannah Historic District was in 1966 designated one of the biggest National Historic Landmark Districts in the US by the government. Savanna’s sundry suburbs include the following cities, towns and other places: Tybee Island, Bloomingdale, Garden City, Port Wentworth, Pooler, Vernonburg, Thunderbolt, White Bluff, Georgetown, Wilmington Island, Pin Point Isle of Hope, Whitemarsh Island, Montgomery and Skidaway Island.

Savannah foreclosure auctions are inviting competitive bidding from aspiring buyers for the usual reasons, of course. They may briefly be mentioned as follows. The quoted prices of the foreclosed homes are at tremendous discounts over the market rates. The auctioneers — such as HUD, VA or banks — inspire trust, and the buyers are assured of clear titles and proper documentation. The Savannah auction procedures are smooth and transparent. Finally, easy finance is forthcoming from mortgage companies eager to make their pounds at the real estate listings auctions.

Agent’s Role Stands Enhanced Today

Savannah real estate market sees Rick Fitzer, Diane Whitlow, Roy Heal and Chris Smyth as key players though they neither sell nor buy homes. This is because as the prominent property brokers in Savannah, they perform the crucial role of getting prospective sellers and buyers of houses with matching needs to hammer out actual transactions. If you are a first-timer in real estate investments, you ought not to part with a penny at the Savannah real estate listings auctions unless you have an experienced agent supporting your decision. Real estate investments have traditionally been risky business in the best of times. With the US and global economy in considerable turmoil and uncertainty at present, smart investors stand a brilliant chance of grabbing properties at throwaway prices that they can later flip and make a killing from. However, any unwise decision may land you with a white elephant that locks up your capital and that you find none willing to buy. Hence, the role of a real estate agent has gained greater significance in today’s unpredictable times.

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