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Henderson, NV has a large selection of seized houses. According to Realtytrac data, there are 2,791 properties that recently received default notices, 1,751 trustee foreclosure auctions sales, 2,664 bank owned REO’s and 7 government foreclosures available. In fact, Henderson and the surrounding areas are offering some terrific bargains for investors right now. Foreclosed Henderson properties are sold at discounted prices below market value and offer investors/buyers the opportunity to purchase a property with a built in equity.

Finding Seized Homes

Henderson foreclosure auctions are good places to find bargains. Some properties are offered online. Keep in mind you have to pay off liens so always do a property title search first before making an offer to see if there are any liens and how much to make sure you know what you are getting into. The other thing you should be aware of is that you will not be able to purchase title insurance on an auction property. Properties are sold as is. Have a property inspection before you bid on the home.

If you are looking for Henderson REO’s, your local Henderson real estate agent is the best person to contact to find REO’s. You should be able to find your dream property in just about any neighborhood in Henderson at pretty much any price range. Your Realtor will save you time by checking the MLS and narrowing down the search to only properties that meet your criteria. The Realtor will keep you informed when new REO’s come on the market. When you find a property you want to make an offer on, the Realtor will write it for you and present it to the bank’s agent. Henderson REO’s are so popular, don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a multiple offer situation with other buyers competing for the same property. If you are in a multiple offer, paying cash may give you the added edge to secure the property and offering over the asking price if you think the property is a good deal. Don’t worry if you don’t get it, there are many other opportunities just down the block.

Short Sales

Henderson short sales are also good bargains because the owners cannot afford to make their mortgage payments anymore, and the lenders are willing to discount the sales price to allow the borrower to get out of their mortgage so buyers get the added advantage of getting a home a deep discount. Short sales take longer to buy because you have to wait for approval of the sale from the seller’s lender so expect to wait three months to six months or maybe even up to a year. There is no guarantee after waiting all that time that the lender is even going to approve the sale. Always negotiate an out clause so you are not waiting forever so if another opportunity comes along you can take advantage of that instead.

Henderson, NV offers buyers and investors great opportunities to purchase seized homes at discount prices. There are numerous bargains to choose from at all price ranges. Many homes need work so figure that in your purchase price. Right now is the perfect time to take advantage of the many good bargains out there.

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