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St Louis foreclosed homes and houses for sale cover the entire gamut, from miniature condos and apartments, across duplexes and multi-family setups, to extensive commercial establishments and farm lands. The prospective homebuyers have a plethora of choices, each apparently more attractive and tantalizing than the other. The auctioneer is usually VA, HUD or a bank, and all these are trusted for the clear titles that they involve. Hence, the property auctions are being viewed by the residents of St Louis as an irresistible business proposition.

Gateway City: Land of Opportunity

St Louis is an independent city, different from St Louis County, in the US state of Missouri. It is located at the confluence of two of the world’s greatest rivers, the Mississippi and the Missouri rivers. St Louis has a variegated multi-cultural population, and its architecture, festivals, sports and historical sites tug visitors from across the globe. The city is named after King Louis IX of France. From holding the first US Olympics in 1904, St Louis is today a hub for research in medicine, biotechnology, and other sciences. The St Louis region is home to 21 Fortune 1000 companies, nine of which figure in the Fortune 500. The most popular nickname of St Louis is the “Gateway City”.

Places that may be deemed to constitute the suburbs of St Louis include: Florissant, Chesterfield, Oakville, Ballwin, Hazelwood, Webster Groves, Overland, Bridgeton, Jennings, Crestwood, Richmond Heights, Sunset Hills, Castle Point, Sappington, Eureka, Breckenridge Hills, Vinita Park, Winchester, Oakland, Pasadena Hills and Cool Valley. 

Property Auctions: Selecting Your Home

The homes on display at the St Louis represent a mindboggling array of options. So, how do you go about shortlisting the more desirable possibilities? It would help for you to be guided by the three factors broadly categorized as: location, price and physical condition. Make personal site visits to the homes and have a look at the neighborhoods. Is the colony clean, peaceful and orderly? Are there schools, markets, parks, hospitals and so on conveniently located near your tentative future home? You are prone to be luckier with regard to the price factor, since the property auctions by and large figure homes at considerable discounts compared to the market scenario. Finally, you ought to inspect the home for any repairs that you might be entailed making. Factor in the cost of the expected repairs in the maximum bid price that you decide to make for a home. Your selection of a home ought to prove sagacious with such a consideration to the above factors.

The eventual outcome at the St Louis property auctions are at least partly determined by such  important, local real estate agents as Linda Smith, Stanley Palmer, Clark Rowley, Louis Cella and Thomas J. Mangogna. The agent plays a vital role in a sale transaction being decided. First-time prospective homebuyers should not recklessly experiment at the foreclosure auctions without the benefit of the insightful and practical advice offered by an efficient agent. You should select an agent only after great deliberation because she can make all the difference between your bonanza and your fiasco at the property auctions; and patently, you cannot afford the latter.

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