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Sterling Heights, MI Foreclosure Listings and Properties

Sterling Heights currently has 842 foreclosure listings and properties at its real estate listings auctions, bearing the median price of a modest $152,588. There are also 1,048 other houses set for auction in the imminent future in Sterling Heights, and these sport the median asking price of a similar $ 159,000. However, the two new homes in the property auctions command the higher market price of $250,000. The seized homes are usually sold at tempting discounts over the market rates because the auctioneer”s primary aim is limited to regaining the balance loan amount due from the defaulting owner from the house”s auction. This makes the Sterling Heights foreclosure auctions prove an irresistible draw to the prospective homebuyers.

Sterling Heights is located in Macomb County, and is the fourth largest city in the US state of Michigan. The various cities, townships and villages in the suburbs of Sterling Heights include: New Baltimore, Center Line, the county seat of Mount Clemens, Eastpointe, Memphis, Fraser, Warren, Richmond, Utica, Roseville, St Clair, Romeo, New Haven, Grosse Pointe Shores, Armada, Washington, Shelby, Bruce, Chesterfield, Richmond, Clinton, Ray, Harrison, Macomb, Lenox and Lake.

Information Sources for Foreclosure Auctions

How do you learn about the forthcoming foreclosure auctions in Sterling Heights? The local newspapers can be your primary means of information about the real estate listings auctions. The law requires the auctioneer to advertise its proposed foreclosure auctions at least thrice in the local newspapers before hosting the biddings. Moreover, the first such advertisement ought to appear at least 20 days prior to the scheduled date of the auction. The newspapers can even reveal likely pre-foreclosure deals to a shrewd real estate investor, by following the notices of default issued by lenders to defaulting homeowners.

The next and perhaps more important source of latest developments and happenings in the Sterling Heights real estate sector is the internet. The net contains umpteen websites pertaining to the real estate and government foreclosures, and dozens focusing on the Sterling Heights real estate listings auctions in particular. You can learn all the material details about the various homes to be sold through the foreclosure auctions from the cozy comfort of your home, with just convenient mouse clicks. Indeed, the National Association of Realtors asserts that over 80 percent of the prospective homebuyers regularly surf the net as their first source of real estate data and means of home-hunting.

Your Ally in Searching Homes

Sterling Heights real estate market sees a prominent role being played by its agents, such as Joseph V. Belfiori, Richard S. Wolski, Andrea Bercich and Daniel J. Crombez. There are scores of property brokers in Sterling Heights and they perform the function of bringing sellers and buyers of houses to the negotiating table and leading to the actual conduct of sale transactions. The agent helps the buyer in various important decisions, including the price range of the home that she ought to buy, the mortgage loan that would be the most suitable for her, and the final bid price that she ought to make for a specific home. The buyer gets all such expert advice absolutely free of charge, since the agent is normally remunerated by the seller from the transaction proceeds. Indeed, it would be more accurate to regard your agent as actually working as a subagent on the seller”s behalf!

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