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The Sunnyvale real estate listings auctions presently feature a comparatively few 156 foreclosure listings and properties only. However, these command a median asking price of an exorbitant $506,405. To view it in the national perspective, that’s roughly about four times the median listed price of a foreclosed property in the US. Besides, the Sunnyvale real estate market also has 208 other MLS and FSBO homes on sale in the next few days. These houses have an even higher median quoted price of $649,500. There are just eight new homes to be auctioned at the forbidding median price of $709,000. As a state, California has been among the hotbeds of the spate of government foreclosures taking place in the US. It has reportedly accounted for nearly a third of all the seizures made in the whole of the US.

The exorbitant property prices in Sunnyvale are basically owing to the elitist character of the city, ranking as it does among the nucleus cities that comprise Silicon Valley. As a leading city of Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale plays host to the headquarters of umpteen global colossus companies, such as Lockheed Martin, AMD, Juniper Networks, Yahoo!, Mirapoint, Palm Inc., Spirent Communications, Maxi Integrated Products, Ariba and Spansion. The aspiring homebuyers — particularly the software and managerial cadres — can naturally reckon with the various advantages and opportunities that relocating to a flourishing IT and industrial hub will reward them with.

Sunnyvale is situated in Santa Clara County, in the US state of California. The city is hemmed in on its borders by San Francisco Bay, Santa Clara, Los Altos, Moffett Federal Airfield, Cupertino, San Jose and Mountain View. The diverse suburban cities, towns and other communities located in close proximity to Sunnyvale include Buena Vista, Palo Alto, Seven Trees, Campbell, San Martin, Burbank, Morgan Hill, Bell Station, East Foothills, San Martin, Loyola Corners, Rucker, Lexington Hills, and Redwood Estates. 

Property Broker: Your Investment Guide

The Sunnyvale real estate market abounds with property brokers of varying competence and influence. An agent can prove mighty helpful in having you maneuver your way through the maze of procedures at the property auctions. Sheila Benson, Dennis M. Moreno, Abbyneh Zeleke and Mark Richardson count among the more established property brokers active in the city. An agent’s role has acquired considerable importance in the ongoing times of volatile and unpredictable markets. You ought to begin your home search with the selection of a veteran agent to represent your interests at the foreclosure auctions in Sunnyvale. Before you hire an agent, you must check her certification received from the real estate department of the state. Since California is the only US state that has made available on the internet a list of all its accredited property brokers, you can easily confirm the agent’s certification.

First-timers at the Sunnyvale property auctions ought to bear in mind that as per recent federal legislation, first-time homebuyers are entitled to a federal interest-free grant of $7,500 for their home purchase. This would be returnable only if and at the time that you subsequently decide to sell your home.

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