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The Syracuse foreclosure auctions currently feature a relatively few 152 foreclosed homes and houses for sale. However, these are available at the unbelievably low median listed tag of just $58,000. The other 441 MLS and FSBO houses on sale at the Syracuse real estate listings auctions command a substantially higher median asking price of $79,999. However, as home prices go, even these rates are invitingly reduced ones and bear testimony to the declining home prices in most of the US. The market snapshot also highlights that the foreclosed homes are selling at discounts of about 25 percent over the other properties at the usual market prices.

The irresistible home prices at the Syracuse foreclosure auctions render the foreclosed homes hot buys not just for intending homebuyers but even for professional flippers. Investors with funds to spare and who can willingly hold on to the properties can quite expect to reap handsome dividends from reselling the houses once the market rebounds and real estate prices resurge.

Syracuse is the county seat of Onondaga County, in the US state of New York. Syracuse is the economic, cultural and educational hub of over a million citizens of Central New York. Syracuse is famed for its Syracuse University, although it is home to several other colleges too. Syracuse is the fifth most populous city in New York State, close on the heels of New York City, Buffalo, Rochester and Yonkers. Syracuse is the only city in Onondaga County.
The suburban towns of Syracuse include Lysander, Willow, Marcellus, Clay and Cicero. Besides, the various villages in the vicinity of Syracuse include Clintonville, Liverpool, Freemont, Baird Corners and Minoa Eagle Village. Additionally, the umpteen hamlets located in proximity to Syracuse include Lampson, Wrights Corners, Messina Springs, Split Rock and Marysville.

Property Brokers Facilitate Lucrative Investments

The Syracuse property auctions invite a vital role to be played by the city’s plethora of property brokers. William Porter, W. James Camperlino, John Funiciello and William Dutch are ranked among the prominent real estate agents of the city. The agents perform the key functions of enabling sellers and buyers with matching needs to reach the negotiating table and to work out actual property transactions. Influential agents are wooed by sellers and buyers alike. Sellers pester agents to rope in moneyed buyers for their properties on sale. Potential homebuyers seek the latest update on especially attractive or optimally-located houses in the city that they may bid for. The agents get their seven percent commission from the seller out of the transaction proceeds.

If you are a first-time buyer at the Syracuse property auctions, you would be best advised to invest only upon professional guidance from an expert agent. The US and global economies are going through a particularly turbulent phase. Only an astute agent can interpret the larger economic developments in terms of how they ought to impact your housing decisions for your profit. The real estate sector punishes those who do not pay grave heed to the market determinants and dynamics, and the continuing millions of government foreclosures in the nation merely reinforce this.

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