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Syracuse property auctions currently include just 223 foreclosed homes and houses for sale in the coming days. The houses have an inviting median listed price of $58,000, which intending homebuyers will find difficult to resist. The number of other FSBO {for sale by owner} homes is quite higher, at 861, and these sport a higher median asking price of $84,900. As home prices go, even this price is relatively modest. However, the difference between the prices of the foreclosed homes and FSBO properties is clearly highlighted; the seized homes sell at a discount of about 40-45 percent over those at market prices. The auctioneer for the foreclosed homes is mostly a bank, with the others having been variously seized by VA, HUD, Fannie Mae or Sheriff. The low prices of the splendid homes on sale make foreclosure auctions an attractive business proposition for aspiring buyers, and Syracuse property auctions are also proving this observation to be true very well.

Syracuse is located in Central New York, in the US. Syracuse is the county seat of Onondaga County and the educational and economic nucleus of the million-plus Central New York area. Syracuse is identified with Syracuse University, an important research-oriented university, and has a myriad of other colleges and schools as well. Syracuse has traditionally served as a connecting point and distribution center, earlier between Erie Canal and its various offshoot channels, subsequently for railways, and presently as the crossroads of Interstates 81 and 90.

Syracuse has no neighboring city in Onondaga County, for the excellent reason that it is the only city in the county. However, a few of its suburban towns, villages and hamlets may be mentioned as follows: Van Buren, Camillus, Memphis, Amboy, Vesper, Fairmount, Cicero, Tully, Brewerton, Willow Glen, Bridgeport, Euclid and Oran. The following places also count Syracuse as their neighbor: Pompey, Clintonville, Thorn Hill, Salina, Liverpool, Oak Orchard, Hinsdale, Three Rivers, Delphi, Oran, Woodard, Onondaga, Barton’s Corners, Amber, DeWitt, Indian Village, Jamesville, Marcellus, Lyndon, Freemont, Wrights Corners, Messina Springs, Hart Lot, Manlius, Cardiff, Kirkville, Collingwood, Cold Springs, Rose Hill, Jacksonville, Radisson, Plainville and Lampson.

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The Syracuse real estate market witnesses a key role played by the likes of Greg Hoover, William Dutch, Greg Porter, and John Funiciello.  For the lay citizen, buying a home is usually once-in-a-lifetime investment. Moreover, housing investments can make or mar the investors’ fortunes. There are millions of government foreclosures in the US to stress that miscalculations in property investments can cost the homeowners very dearly, indeed. Therefore, it should be all-too obvious that you ought not to risk investing a major chunk of your earnings without expert guidance from a seasoned real estate agent. Moreover, with the US and global economies in active ferment presently, only an experienced agent can advice you on how sundry macro developments or trends are likely to impact your housing interests. The real estate agent in Syracuse and elsewhere is paid by the seller from the transaction proceeds. So, as a buyer, you can avail yourself of the benefit of the agent’s experience and insights practically free. However, you ought to select an agent with due care. At the outset, check the agent’s certification received from the state government. A competent and caring agent can prove a vital ally in your home-hunting and a wise caretaker of your finances.

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