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Vallejo: Hotbed for Foreclosure Auctions

Vallejo foreclosure listings and properties are evoking keen interest and tremendous response from the residents of Vallejo as well as its suburbs. How acute this participation is may be gauged from the fact that Realty Trac has listed Vallejo among the Top 10 Foreclosure Cities in the whole of US, living true to the city’s motto of City of Opportunity. Vallejo is the largest city in Solano County, in the US state of California. It is located in the San Francisco Bay Area on the northeastern shore of San Pablo Bay. However, on the flip side, in 2008, Vallejo became the largest Californian city to ever file for bankruptcy. The neighboring cities and towns of Vallejo that have been stirred by the ongoing property auctions here include: Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun City, and Vacaville. Affected unincorporated communities include Birds Landing, Collinsville, Elmira and Green Valley.

The residents of Vallejo are delighted at the luxurious homes offered for sale at the property auctions at barely half their market prices. Is there a catch somewhere? No, absolutely none at all. How can the seizing authorities afford such low listed prices? Well, as you must know already, the government agencies as HUD, VA and Fannie Mae, or the banks foreclose homes when their owners continue to default on making their loan installments. So, most of these foreclosed houses already have a portion of the mortgage amount paid upon them. So, the auctioneers are interested in merely recovering the balance amount due to them. The prime focus of such sellers is neither the actual market prices of the properties per se, nor making a profit from their sales.

California: Lists Agents on Internet

Vallejo foreclosure auctions will appear a lot simpler to you if you were to hire a real estate agent to guide you through their procedures. J. Tammy Triechel, Zee Magee, Dave Maning, Chris Cocchi and Emilio Lara are well established in Vallejo, though there are lots of others as well. An agent is usually not paid any fee by the buyer, but receives a commission on the transaction proceeds from the seller. The agent can not only help you to identify your home requirements, outline the margins that you can afford to invest within, help you in selecting ideal homes for yourself, but also guide you through the sundry procedures at the property auctions.

A good agent will have the requisite certification and designation from the state’s real estate department. In fact, California is perhaps the only state that has made available a list of all real estate agents with official accreditation on the internet. So, you can easily check this to verify the bona fide credentials of the agent’s functioning in the said capacity in Vallejo prior to entrusting her with your fortunes at the real estate listings auctions. A genuine agent can be relied upon to strive to get you the best possible deal. There is little philanthropy involved in this. The agent has a long-term stake in all those relocating to Vallejo, in that they may seek her services again, should they decide to sell later. In short, good business transacted now spells recurring and future good businesses secured for them as well!

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