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The real estate listings auctions being conducted regularly in Westminster are predictably drawing a tremendous response, in this seventh most populous city in the state of Colorado {and 235th most populous US city}. Westminster is located in Adams County and Jefferson County. It must not have been for nothing that Westminster had been ranked as the 24th best place to live in the US by the Money magazine. This is discernibly manifest in the keen search for homes in Westminster at the foreclosures auctions by residents of such neighboring places as Arvada, Brighton, Federal Heights, Thornton, Welby, Golden, Lakewood, Littleton, Morrison and Evergreen.

You ought to commence your hunt for your new home at the property auctions only after following the ancient dictum of “Know thyself first.” Clarify, be aware of, and preferably jot down in black-and-white your financial status, your sundry requirements with regard to your sought house, and a broad timeframe for your relocation. These will function as essential guidelines to your foray at the government foreclosures, and spell out your various resources, targets, concerns, priorities as well as restraints and limitations.

Choosing Your Ms Right Agent

You cannot expect to find an appropriate home for yourself at the foreclosure auctions without raking in the services of a street-smart real estate agent. Cushman & Wakefield or Kathryn Mac Ceraghty are merely two of the numerous agents working in Westminster that you can choose from. How do you sift the rotten apples from the cream, while selecting an agent? Well, you may find the following general observations to serve as an indicative and handy guide.

First check that the dealer has the appropriate certification and designation from the state’s department of real estate. Certain states, like California, even put up a list of certified agents online. A good agent typically has several years of experience backing her. You wouldn’t want to be guided by a greenhorn yet to learn the vagaries and finer nuances of the trade. Seek an agent who works fulltime, is available 24/7, and who is considerately responsive to your requests. Look for an agent who listens carefully to your home-buying needs and only suggests properties that meet your criteria. Ensure that your agent is willing to attend the signings with you. Last-minute glitches may occasionally crop up and she would help you tide over them.

Property Auctions: An Intimidating Experience

It would also be necessary that you make a couple of visits to the chosen houses before you bid for them at the foreclosure auctions. You need to ascertain the extent of repairs that might be required to be made. It would also help if you include relevant contingency clauses in your purchase agreement for the safety of your own interests. During the actual bidding, you must stay level-headed, and not exceed your own brief, in a bid to win the deal at any cost. The market abounds with other options and patience will prove to be a better strategy than recklessness. Buying a home can be a long drawn-out and taxing experience, but you just cannot afford not getting the best possible deal for yourself.

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