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Yonkers ranks fourth among the cities in New York State which makes it behind New York City, Buffalo and Rochester. However, this is the largest city in Westchester County. Manhattan and the Bronx are two of its nearest points. The city has many attractions including legalized gambling, shopping areas and the Yonkers Raceway. This makes Yonkers a city which people want to live in and those from other cities and states would like to relocate here. Yonkers Foreclosed Homes are in great demand as this is the cheapest form of accommodation that is available and people find this an affordable way of buying themselves a home. Foreclosure auctions are the best place to find foreclosure homes, and you could start by looking at all the auctions online and get a look at their databases to see what is available.
Search for foreclosure homes

The easiest way to conduct any search is obviously and online search, as you can sit in the comfort of your home and conduct a search in any part of the country for all the government foreclosures. You can also get to check out all the real estate listing auctions for homes which are suitable for you. An online search gives you the freedom to check out properties in different parts of the country and if you are living in one town and plan on relocating to another one you can still go through all the property data bases of the various auctioneers to find something suitable for yourself. 
Foreclosure homes can also be located through banks and lending organizations who have given loans to buyers who have fallen back on the payment towards their loans. These homes will be seized by the institutions and sold to buyers to recover the amount which is due towards the loans. The banks are not looking or making profits but only want the money which the buyer owes them back, with a result the homes are sold at prices which are much less than the market value of the homes. The homes are handed over to property auctions who sell them to the highest bidder. 
Investment in real estate is always profitable

Whether you buy a first hand property directly from the builder or buy a foreclosure property, real estate is always a wise investment. The deal will always be a profitable one as the prices are bound to escalate sooner or later. Foreclosure homes are even more profitable because these repo homes are sold at prices which are really low and if the buyer wants to sell it later he is bound to make a good profit on it. 
Everyone who wants to own a home has a dream home in their mind and this at a nominal cost which is within their budget. Such homes are available at Yonkers foreclosure sales and for those who manage to clinch a deal it is truly a big profit which they will make on it.

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