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July 4, 2011

Locate Cheap Foreclosed Real Estate in San Jose, CA

Filed under: California Foreclosures - 04 Jul 2011

San Jose, CA has numerous foreclosure opportunities. There are 1,783 properties in default, 2,766 trustee foreclosure sales, and 1,876 bank owned REO properties according to RealtyTrac’s data. With so many homes in foreclosure or about to go to foreclosure, you …

March 25, 2011

Portsmouth, VA Has Superior Bank Repo and Foreclosure Properties

Filed under: Virginia Foreclosures - 25 Mar 2011

If you are looking for a town that has superior bank and foreclosure property opportunities, then check out Portsmouth, VA. Investors and first-time home buyers have been flocking to Portsmouth, recognizing the incredible opportunities it offers investors to invest in …

July 12, 2010

Buy Government Foreclosed Homes in Columbus, GA

Filed under: Georgia Foreclosures - 12 Jul 2010

The recession and loss of jobs has hit Columbus, GA. There are a large number of foreclosed homes. including government foreclosed homes. According to, 1 in every 497 homes in Columbus received a foreclosure notice in May 2010.  There …

May 25, 2010

Find Bank Seized Properties In Worcester, MA

Filed under: Massachusetts Foreclosures - 25 May 2010

Buyers/investors looking for bank seized properties in Worcester, MA have discovered many great investment opportunities in the area and surrounding neighborhoods.   There is an abundant inventory of foreclosed houses in the Worcester, MA area in all neighborhoods and price ranges. …

May 3, 2010

Find Foreclosed HUD Homes in Albuquerque, NM

Filed under: New Mexico Foreclosures - 03 May 2010

HUD is a cabinet of the United States, it stands for Housing and Urban Development. The HUD is responsible for ensuring smooth policy for housing and city development. Its role is to assist people of low and mid-level income to …

December 14, 2009

Buying real estate foreclosure in Detroit, Michigan

Filed under: Michigan Foreclosures - 14 Dec 2009

There are many people who are looking forward to buying real estate foreclosure in Detroit, Michigan..  In lease purchases, you can get into a home even if you have credit issues in the past. What matters is steady income flow, …

September 11, 2009

Tips For Homeowners to Avoid Foreclosure

Filed under: Bank Foreclosure - 11 Sep 2009

As foreclosure activity continues to rise and more and more workers either have their wages cut or lose their job, action must be taken by homeowners with a loan who are at risk of default.  There are a number of …

September 9, 2009

US Home Foreclosures Continue To Rise

Filed under: Bank Foreclosure - 09 Sep 2009

Despite ongoing Federal and State Government measures, home foreclosures continue to rise. US home loans fell at a record pace in July as 1 in every 355 households with a loan received a foreclosure filing (more than 360,000), as …

September 1, 2009

Introduction to Foreclosure Properties

Filed under: Bank Foreclosure - 01 Sep 2009

Foreclosed properties, or foreclosed homes, are typically homes in which the owners failed to comply with a lender’s agreement. In other words, the property owners failed to pay their mortgage repayments (that is, they defaulted). Often the home is …

May 14, 2008

Foreclosure homes and listings in Kansas City, MO

Filed under: Missouri Foreclosures - 14 May 2008

Kansas City foreclosure auction is famous and a discerning buyer can make some best deals in the auction. You can choose from a wide range of properties like …

May 12, 2008

Own A Bank Or Government Foreclosed Home

Filed under: Government Foreclosure - 12 May 2008

Government foreclosed homes are just the property for first time home buyers or investors who are looking for inexpensive properties. If the homeowner does not pay back the loan the house is foreclosed, and then the aim is to sell …

How to Stop a Foreclosure – Act Immediately

Filed under: Foreclosed Homes - 12 May 2008

You must have heard as well as read how people are being affected by the current foreclosure predicament which has gripped the country. It is depressing to someone in the neighbor or someone in the family lose their home to …

Foreclosed Homes Auctions – Basic Facts

Filed under: Foreclosed Homes - 12 May 2008

When so many homes are coming up in foreclosure, purchasing them is a good way of saving money on a good home. It may not be too easy to find a very good bargain immediately, but with patience and understanding …

Foreclosure Houses and Properties in Milwaukee, WI

Filed under: Wisconsin Foreclosures - 12 May 2008

Milwaukee foreclosure auction is very popular and a discerning buyer can make the best deal in the auction. Properties like duplexes, condos and multi family homes are featured …

May 11, 2008

Foreclosed Homes Auctions – Basic Facts

Filed under: Foreclosed Homes - 11 May 2008

There is no doubt that foreclosed property auctions are a very good place to get a profitable bargain, but remember that all the homes here are pre-owned. You should be ready to spend money on restoration and repairs of the …

Finding the Perfect Foreclosure Listing

Filed under: Foreclosure Listings - 11 May 2008

Everyone seems to be talking about foreclosures these days. It can be heard about in the news; you read them in newspapers and maybe see some of them in your own locality also. It is a well accepted fact that …

Find Good Foreclosed Homes On Free Listings

Filed under: Foreclosure Listings - 11 May 2008

The concept of foreclosed homes is a known by most people who are on a lookout to buy a home. There are numerous free foreclosure listings which can give you a complete list of the latest homes which are available …

Advantages Of Foreclosure Home Listings

Filed under: Foreclosed Homes - 11 May 2008

We save money for a long time to afford a good home. Buying a house is a big decision for many of us and also a major investment. In case you have taken a loan it will take a number …

Foreclosure Homes and Property auctions in New York

Filed under: New York Foreclosures - 11 May 2008

New York foreclosure auctions provide investors great and invaluable opportunity to invest in attractive real estate properties at cheap prices. Owing to the recent sub prime mortgage losses, …

May 10, 2008

How to Save Money Buying Foreclosure Homes

Filed under: Foreclosed Homes - 10 May 2008

At a time when the economy is not in the best of conditions, you can save money by buying a foreclosure home. It is very good opportunity to own a good real estate property. Foreclosure homes are one of the …

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